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Susanne Rhodes, J.D.

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You Know the Law. We Know Legal Careers.

Everything leading up to your current legal job has prepared you for practicing law. But did anyone (including you) ever ask which area of law was the best fit for you?

You’ve been to law school. You’ve passed the Bar. You have a job as a lawyer.

  • How do you know it’s the right job for you?
  • What are your plans for growing your practice?
  • How are you building your career?

The truth is, most lawyers don’t know. A lot of lawyers don’t even know all the options that exist for their career, and many of those lawyers are unhappy.​

Lawfully can help.​

A Proven System

Find your practice area. Follow the action steps. Stand out from the competition. Love your legal career.

Lawfully e-courses are structured so you can find the law area that aligns with your strengths, take the steps to network your way to that law area, have a resume to impress, wow people in interviews, and land the legal career you love.

  • Lawfully showed me how broad the practice of law can be, and then gave me the tools to focus it to best suit me.  I have a better understanding of my strengths after taking the Lawfully Assessment, and the expert videos and materials have helped me define my legal career goals and align them with those strengths.

    Vanessa W. Corporate Counsel
  • Susanne is a passionate and enthusiastic lawyer and entrepreneur who has combined her years of legal expertise with her desire for deeper engagement in the legal profession.  The culmination, her amazing course, is a guiding light for happiness and fulfillment in the legal profession.

    Deanna S. Attorney

Lawfully Courses


Lawfully Practice Creator

Start with your personality and strengths to clarify your practice.

  • Proprietary strength and personality assessment.
  • Personalized results video.
  • Ideal practice areas for you.


Lawfully Practice Navigator

 Focus on your what, where and why.

  • Determine your practice area focus.
  • Connect with the right people.
  • Understand the business of law.

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Lawfully Practice Creator

Take action and create your practice!

  • How to use your resume to open doors.
  • Enhance your professional image with social media.
  • Build your network in the right way.

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Lawfully Practice Builder

Build the practice you love!

  • Accelerate with strategic networking.
  • Ace your interviews!
  • Stand out from the rest of the pack with untapped resources.

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Love Your Legal Career!

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Meet Susanne

About Lawfully

Susanne Rhodes, J.D.

Your legal career should be more than just a paycheck.

I started Lawfully to help lawyers find the right fit for their careers.

I am a former litigator who is now singularly focused on making sure lawyers reach their full potential, thrive where they practice, and continue to make the law a noble and revered profession.

I was an accomplished civil litigator with several trials, a prison-based multi-day deposition, and countless pleadings and hearings under my belt. I connected well with clients, experts, and opposing counsel (usually!), and I enjoyed the continual learning that litigation affords to lawyers.

However, I was professionally unfulfilled.

I had invested so much time and money into being a lawyer, but I was lost, in debt and didn’t know what to do.

I transitioned to legal recruiting and have worked with hundreds of firms and candidates. I understand the law, I know what firms are looking for, and I can help YOU navigate your way into a legal career that fits you…a legal career that you love.

The Lawfully e-course is designed for lawyers like you – like I was – who know there has to be more than just billable hours and document review. Take the assessment, learn who you are and which area of law best fits you and start practicing law, fully.

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