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About Lawfully

Susanne Rhodes, J.D.

I’m on a mission to help lawyers make the law fully work for them!  Yes, I’m serious.  And no, it isn’t painful.

When you were in law school, did you dream of earning a lot of money, going on great vacations, owning your own firm or having a big practice so you had control of your life?

How has your reality matched up to those dreams?  

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: most people feel like they have no control, like they work too much, like they never have downtime to do anything (let alone take a 2-week vacation), and like they’re working too hard for what they earn – especially lawyers.

I felt that way when I practiced law.  

I Help Firms and Lawyers

After realizing that people energized more than the legal work did, I transformed my law practice into a practice of helping lawyers and firms grow.  I’ve helped lawyers find better firms and helped firms hire better people, expand profits, find new and better clients, and work as teams.  

That is my mission: helping lawyers make the law fully work for them. 

I believe all lawyers should:

  • Help their clients achieve goals in the best way possible
  • Work on a seamless – and true – team
  • Have real down-time, with the support that allows for it
  • Bill less as they advance in their careers and expand profits

Schedule some time with me – we’ll diagnose what’s working, what’s not working, and maybe even decide to work together. 

This 1.0 could be the the most profitable hour you’ve never billed!

When you’re clear on “why” and “how,” it’s easy to experience unlimited practice growth. We’ll work together to create a law firm growth strategy that creates momentum you can sustain – because it’s made for you.

What I Do

Law Firms: I help business law firms double revenue, adding at least $2MM in 18 months – without increased advertising or partner billings.

Individual Partners: I also help partners grow 7-figure practices, in less than 5 hours a week, on a very limited basis.

Who I Work With

Managing and equity partners. Working with me may be a good fit if you:

  • Want Success Now. You’re eager to grow fast. Slow and stagnant are not for you.
  • Fully Support Clients. Your firm partners have diverse practice areas; your practices are complementary, not carbon-copies of each other.
  • Will Hire. You’re not afraid to hire the right people the right way, and create a firm where people stay long-term.
  • Go “All-In” Together. Your firm rewards collaboration and everyone wants to succeed – while helping others succeed as well. It’s a true partnership.
  • Embrace Innovation. You’re innovative, out-of-the-box thinkers (or at least aspire to be!). If you’ve done the same things for years and will be doing the same thing when you retire, we won’t work well together.

Why It Works

I believe clarity is the key to unlimited growth. While each firm is unique, every firm and partner has growth opportunities in key areas. And sometimes it takes an outside perspective to fully expand each key area. One of my favorite expressions is: “??? ???’? ???? ??? ????? ???? ?????? ??? ???.” I bring the outside perspective, you bring the secret sauce recipe; and together we create 8-figure firms and 7-figure practices.

How It Works For Firms

I’ve developed a framework for accelerating growth for firms with 8-figure revenue goals. We’ll: ➊ develop a custom roadmap for your firm growth; ➋ accelerate cash flow to fund future growth; ➌ increase capacity to handle the influx of new work and fully capturing client billable work – without increasing partner billables; ➍ add new clients, attract partners, and monetize existing relationships; and ➎ expand profits by maximizing all revenue opportunities and creating stability.

How It Works For Partners

When you’re clear on “why” and “how,” it’s easy to experience unlimited practice growth. We’ll work together to create a law firm growth strategy that creates momentum you can sustain – because it’s made for you.

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