Article Review: “Small Law, Big Changes: The Coming Disruption in the Legal Industry”

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    • Interesting read about commoditizing legal work and leveraging technology to challenge the traditional law firm paradigm, and why the legal industry needs disruption.
    • I found these stats very thought-provoking:
      • 30,000 new lawyers graduate every year
      • 2.3 hours billed a day, with 1.6 of those hours collected (!)
      • 63% of attorneys are solos or work at small firms.
    • I’m not sure you restore faith in the justice system simply by commoditizing and leveraging technology, but being nimble, innovative, efficient, productive and entreprenuerial would surely help. 
    • Food for Thought: As clients have increased access to smaller firms because of technology, how are you differentiating yourself and getting in front of the right clients? 
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